Created in 2017, THCon (Toulouse Hacking Convention) is a French Cybersecurity Conference held annually. It usually takes place in Toulouse, France and has an audience of about 300 attendees (engineers, academics and students).

THCon is organised by an association composed of current and former students of TLS-SEC, an engineering curriculum dedicated to IT Security.

Our Call for Papers gives everyone an opportunity to be a speaker at our 2023 edition next April. If you have carried out research related to IT Security and want to showcase it to the community, please submit your paper or presentation to this Call for Papers. Research does not have to be academic, and we are looking for both academic and non-academic speakers.


THCon is an event about IT Security, so any submission related to it is welcome. If you want a clearer idea of what we are looking for, here is a non-exhaustive list of potential domains of research:

Exploitation and Mitigation Techniques
Reverse Engineering
(Hardware, Software, Protocols, etc.)
Vulnerability Research
(OS, Smartphone, Hypervisors, etc.)
Malware Analysis
(Sandboxes, Reverse, etc.)
(Attacks, Analysis, etc.)
Attacks on Distributed Networks
(Protocols, PoW Algorithms, etc.)
Techniques seen "in the field"
(Blue Teams, Operationals, etc.)
Technical Feedback on Large Incidents
Notable #FAIL Stories
Your Hack or System Tampering
Using Any of These Techniques
Favourite Buzzword or Upcoming Threat
(ML, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, APT, etc.)
Any Research that Brings Something to the World of IT Security

You may also want to take a look at our past editions to see what the community showcased:


We propose a single track event over two days. Presentations must be in English, and can be given in either of two formats: a short 20-min presentation, or a long 40-min presentation. The submission format depends on the type of presentation you are interested in:

NOTE. These are minimum submission requirements, you can of course submit a complete paper or a finalised presentation if you have one.


Once submitted, all papers and presentation will be examined by our program committee. You will then be notified if your submission has been selected for the 2023 edition according to the following schedule:

NOV 15, 2022
Submissions are now open for everyone
FEB 5 FEB 10, 2023 - 23h59
We no longer accept submissions past this date
MAR 13, 2023
We will let you know if your papers has been chosen for THCon 2023
APR 20-21, 2023
Selected speakers present work during our two-day conference


If you have read everything and are ready to submit your paper or presentation idea, please click on the button below to go to EasyChair, the platform used by THCon to collect submissions.


Will I be recorded?
THCon 2023 will be broadcast online. The recording will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel. By speaking at the event you grant us permission to do so.
Does the project have to be open-source?
Although we favour FLOSS and reproducible works, any research or presentation related to IT Security is welcome and we will happily review your submission.
Can I submit work I have not done myself?
Talks must be submitted as yourself and / or on your work. We do not accept submissions for Marketing or PR purposes. Similarly, we are not interested in product or vendor pitches.
I have special needs, can I talk with you about it?
Of course, we are very flexible and want to accomodate your needs. Please reach out to us via email or include your questions in your submission and we will reach out to you.
I am not an academic, can I still participate?
Of course! We are looking for both academic and non-academic presentations. Please submit your paper and we will happily review it!
I have already presented before, can I submit the same paper again?
Yes. Since our audience changes, most people may have not been there when you last presented your work. We accept both original and already-presented papers.